Dj & Sax 

Rendi Esclusivo il Tuo Evento 

Dj & Sax is an exclusive Live show.

An elegant and engaging entertainment proposed by the DJ Mario De Lucia and the saxophonist Maestro Andrea Verlingieri.

The Dj music joins with the sound of the Sax creating a magical and dynamic experience.


Thanks to their long experience in luxury events, Mario & Andrea are able to make every moment of your event special with their Music, creating an elegant sound for the aperitif and the dinner, and a dynamic and engaging sound for after dinner.

Your guests will be surprised by the scenography.

Dj & Sax duo has an important visual impact.

A mix of Elegance and Style.

The musical atmosphere will be created specifically for your event.

The volume of the music will always be balanced so that guests can talk to each other.

(duration of the performance about 1h 30 min)


After dinner, the Sax will create a totally different live set with the DJ.

Guests will be embraced by a dynamic sound, suitable for everyone to dance.

(duration of the performance about 2 h 30 min.)

 Sax Party Songlist

First Dance

You can chose your favourite songs for cake cutting and first dance

Sax Love Songlist


About Us


Originality is the characteristic of the Dj & Sax duo.

The DJ will choose songs for you and select them together with other songs on the day of your event,
so that the sax can make them even more beautiful with his sound.

It is a real LIVE DJ set for every moment of your event.

The Dj & Sax duo is perfect for different moments

– Aperitif
– Dinner
– Party

We can take care of the whole event or even just a part of it, such as the aperitif or the party.

We are based in Rome and we work throughout Italy, organizing travel and other trips.

The music will be able to adapt to the different moments of the event.
For example, soft for the aperitif or dinner, dynamic during the party.

Go to the music section to listen to our live sets.

Yes. You will be able to partially customize the music selection.

 We can take care of the audio technical equipment and light effects that will be selected together in relation to the type of location where the event will take place.

SIAE taxation must be paid regardless and is never included in the proposal because it is the responsibility of those who organize the event.

 It is an Italian state office that deals with issuing a document necessary for the artistic performance.

This document has a cost of 33% and is calculated in addition to the Artist’s quotation.

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